"To enjoy the total pleasure of wine you have to be serious without taking things too seriously".- winemaker quote and wine club motto

We don’t think you should have to choose between learning about wine and having fun. Founded in 2006, the St. Louis Wine Club's unique meetings and events mix learning with fun and without a sales pitch. We typically meet once or twice per month and the typical meeting format is a “BYO” format: each person/couple brings a bottle of wine, in addition to some information about the wine and / or winery it came from.  The meeting sizes are usually smaller - we limit attendance to 10-20, and meetings are typically held in member's homes. The themes vary each month- sometimes based on region, grape, characteristics, food pairings, winery visits, etc- please check the Schedule for events and past/upcoming meetings themes. 

In addition to regular meetings, we also have other events, such as pairing dinners, vertical tastings, among other events. The majority of us are in our 30's - 50's, and none of us are certified wine sommeliers -  we just all like drinking wine and enjoy learning more about it. Some of us are part of a couple, some are single, so all are welcome!! To join or just to see what's happening and check out a meeting, sign up for the mailing list. We hope to see you soon!

Thanks again,

Founder and Head Wino
St. Louis Wine Club