"To enjoy the total pleasure of wine you have to be serious without taking things too seriously".- winemaker quote and wine club motto

We offer two membership options. (We're not making a profit, the fee is simply to cover miscellaneous expenses, like the website, supplies, etc.) 
Annual Membership: $20 1st year, $10 renewal (see Host Incentive for discounts)10% off purchases at Garland Wines One "standard" meeting per month (you still must bring wine) Advance invitation on meeting sign ups Access to the message board, through Google Groups Additional discounts at restaurants/wine bars, TBA.
Per Meeting Option: $5 per meeting (you still must bring wine) Access to the message board, through Google Groups No discounts at any partner restaurants or wine shops Regular price on pairing dinners and blind tastings Great to try us out, for guests, or for those with busy schedules.

Host Incentive: Even though the set up is to burden the hosts as little as possible, it still requires space, a clean house, tables, etc. While hosting is not required for membership, I do want to let those who DO host know they are appreciated. Because of this, if you host once per year, you’ll receive a one membership time credit of $10. So, if this is your first year, your membership fee will drop to $10, if its your second or more year as a member, hosting once will cancel out your membership fee. (of course, if you’re part of a couple, you’ll need to host twice)