"To enjoy the total pleasure of wine you have to be serious without taking things too seriously".- winemaker quote and wine club motto

  • Do I have to be a member to attend a meeting? 
No, but you have to be signed up through the Google Groups list in order to receive a meeting invite (no spam). See the Membership page for details, but if you aren't a member, meetings cost $5 to attend. If you pay for the $10 membership, regular meetings are free.

  • What do you mean "regular meetings"?    
A "regular meeting" is when we bring our own wine and nothing is provided. If its a pairing dinner or the wine is provided, then those in attendance split the cost.

  • I don't know anyone and am interested in coming to a meeting alone. Is this ok?  

Absolutely!! Our meetings are half structure & half "free flow" so there's time to chat afterwards. While some of us have known each other for a few years, we joined the club for 2 reasons...to learn about wine and to meet fellow wine lovers, so please feel welcome!!  

  • I'm confused about if we should bring two bottles or just one.    

Example: Washington and Oregon Reds $15-20.  If you are coming alone, bring one bottle, priced $15-20. If you coming as part of a couple, you can either bring one bottle priced $30-40, or two bottles, priced $15-20 each. About half the couples bring one more expensive bottle instead of two bottles, but you can bring whichever of the two options you feel most comfortable with.

  • How much wine do you serve?    

We pour one ounce pours. The remainder of the bottles are put aside until after the meeting, which are available to taste again during the time we socialize.

  • What kind of information do I need to bring about my wine?    

Basically, whatever you find to be interesting. You will have plenty of information if you bring the following:

  • What is the winery name? Where is it? How old is it? Anything special about it?
  • What is the wine composition? (75% cabernet, 25% merlot, for example)
  • Is there a description from the winemaker?  Can you find any neat facts about the wine? Any reviews? Tasting notes?       
  • Why did you pick this wine out? Where did you get it? How much was it?

  • How long are the meetings?    

Typically the main portion of the meeting is about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours. We usually socialize afterwards for another hour or two.

  • About the appetizers or something to snack on- how much do I need to bring?    

Typically we share/pass around appetizers/munchies, but you aren't required to bring food for 14 people, or if you are not planning on eating anything.

  • I'd like to host. What do I need to do?    

You need space for 12-14 people. It can be separate tables, one long table, however it fits into the room. You'll need a couple dump/rinse buckets, water for everyone (it can be glasses, it doesn't need to be bottles), and a trash can close by so we can throw trash away to help you clean up.

  • I'm interested in promoting my business through your wine club, how do I do that? 

Please note that only business that offer discounts to members are able to promote their businesses through the wine club. We're not interested in spamming our members. If you're interested in partnering with us, email us.